The News Tribune Building’s Varied History

Here are a couple of undated photos of the News Tribune’s building. The first probably dates to about 1910; the second, judging by the cars visible, to the 1920s:

Click on the images for a larger view. Of note:

  • The old house in the first photo has been encapsulated in a new facade in the second
  • The former city gas company building that still stands next door to the DNT (it’s now condominiums and offices) is visible at the far left of the second image
  • The nice lit facade of the Duluth Herald building

So the Duluth Herald was the first paper on the site, later joined by the News-Tribune. Eventually the old house / “Herald Annex” was demolished and replaced with an expanded, standard office building for a growing newspaper. There main Duluth Herald building — the 1902 structure visible in the photographs — is part of the much-changed, much-altered, much-expanded DNT building that exists today.

Here are a few more photos:

The inserting / mailroom at the News Tribune, circa early 1970s. (News-Tribune file photo)


An earlier home of the Duluth Herald, at 216 W. Superior St. This building still stands in downtown Duluth. (News-Tribune file photo)