Greased Pig Prank At East, 1981

October 23, 1981


Duluth Herald

A greased piglet was released into the East High School gymnasium today but, rather than causing the excitement expected, the frightened animal collapsed.

“The little fellow was so small he could barely walk,” Principal Nick Srdar said today.

The piglet was cleaned and taken to a Lakewood farm to be cared for, Srdar said.

Srdar said the prank probably was related to East’s football game against Central High School this afternoon at Public Schools Stadium. Central is celebrating its homecoming today.

At least two Central students were identified in the prank. A police juvenile officer said they will be questioned. The officer said charges are pending against them and possibly others for violating a city order against greased pig contests.

A misdemeanor violation carries a penalty of a $500 fine and/or 90 days in jail.

“The ordinance was passed because, long ago, the city used to have a problem with greased pig games. People would grease up a pig and a group of half-drunk men would chase it and eventually kill it by squeezing too tightly,” Assistant City Attorney Bryan Brown said. “Then they’d cook it and eat it.”

In another incident at East, vandals broke 33 panes of glass in a double door and in windows to the orchestra room Thursday night, Srdar said.

The juvenile officer said the vandalism, too, is probably related to the homecoming game. “There’s been Central students all morning around the school (East) throwing eggs,” the officer said.


I wish I had a photo of the pig, but, alas, there are none in the News Tribune archives.

High school homecoming pranks in Duluth were discussed a few months back on Perfect Duluth Day.

Share your memories of noteworthy high school pranks in Duluth by posting a comment. If you can provide specific dates / years, I’ll try to dig up articles and photos from the archives for a future post.

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  1. Scott Burnes

    As a Denfeld 74 grad, I recall a few including the time some classmates put a maroon and gold garbage can over the top of Centrals flag pole, which was an engineering marvel. The other was a maroon and gold VW they put on Centrals roof in 73. As we ended the season being Zenith Confrence champions that year a pep ralley was held to commemorate the occasion. Centrals principal showed up to speak. He then presented Wayne Skamscar, Denfelds Principal, with a model VW painted maroon and gold and announced that he wanted to return our car. I think he got a standing ovation. The group of boys who were perpitrating the pranks in those days took pride in being non destructive and showing great imagination in their pranks. No one was hurt. I won’t tell you who they were but they were a great group of guys.

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