J.J. Newberry, 1977

July 3, 1977

The front window of J.J. Newberry Co., 1105 Tower Ave., Superior, which is reportedly to close July 31. (News-Tribune photo)

I had never heard of it before researching this photo, but apparently J.J. Newberry was a chain of several hundred five-and-dime stores across the U.S. It is now defunct, according to its Wikipedia entry – though the Superior store, if it in fact closed in 1977, was a fairly early casualty. The chain apparently existed well into the 1990s.

Do you have any memories of J.J. Newberry? Feel free to post a comment.

Here are some zoomed-in views of the sales posted in the windows:

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  1. wendy larson

    i remember going to kresges on 13th tower then walk down to the next block 12th to woolworths and then to 11th tower to newberry’s. we would go shopping from sat morning till late afternoon.then stop at one of the dime stores to have lunch. i remember the sub sandwiches at kresges.what wonderful memories, then the mall came in, and they went out. so sad. and they torn 2 of them down. so sad. what great memories we had and in the summer we had redicious days. so funny! you seen everyone there,and at night was a street dance. i wish they could come back.

  2. Dave

    I remember Newberrys as the store with the creeky wooden floors as a kid in the 60s. Always liked Woolworths and Kresges better, better toy selection

  3. Patt J

    Oh, that’s right! It was probably Kresge’s that we went to, and maybe Newberry’s came along later. This would have been early 1950s. Across the street from the dime stores, there was a small Chinese cafe where we used to go for lunch or dinner.

  4. D. Rep

    There were three dimes stores…Kresges on 13th, Woolworth on 12th anf Newnerrys on 11th across the street from the now demolished Palace Theatre.

  5. Patt J

    When I was a little kid, my mom would take me and my sister Christmas shopping in Superior every year, and then out to lunch. I remember shopping at Woolworth’s to buy white handkerchiefs for my dad, and there was another “dime store” that we went to, which may have been JJ Newberry. To this day I can’t drive through Superior without thinking of those “exotic” shopping expeditions. Very nice memories.

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