President Kennedy in Duluth, 1963

Sept. 24, 1963


President John F. Kennedy greets admirers during a visit to Duluth in this Sept. 24, 1963, photo. (File / News Tribune)

President John F. Kennedy visited Duluth in September 1963, less than two months before he was assassinated.

Kennedy, who also appeared in the Northland as a presidential candidate in 1960, gave a speech during the Northern Great Lakes Region Conference of Land and People at the University of Minnesota Duluth on Tuesday, Sept. 24, 1963. Here’s an excerpt from the full prepared-text address that appeared in the News Tribune in 1963:

"The northern Great Lakes region has the land, the water, the skilled manpower, the resources and the transportation and recreation facilities to make it one of the country’s most prosperous areas. Yet the unemployment rate in this area is roughly twice that of the nation as a whole — which is itself too high. The economy of a region that should be prospering has reflected instead a series of economic setbacks, as mines and mills shut down or curtailed their operation. Year after year, this area has had the short end of every economic indicator."

Sept. 25, 1963


President Kennedy (back to camera) shakes hands with a woman in Duluth (1963 file / Duluth Herald)


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