Where The Freeway Ends, 1980

Sept. 3, 1980 The end of Interstate 35 at the western edge of downtown Duluth, before the extension was built across the railyard on the right, and then through the tunnels out to 26th Avenue East. The main route through downtown for people heading to the North Shore at this time, according to this sign,…
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Daugherty Hardware Opens New Store

Nov. 17, 1976 As Daugherty Hardware conducts its going-out-of-business sale, here is a look back at when it opened the doors of its present building: Robert F. Lundberg, president of Lincoln Stores, Inc. – owner of the Daugherty Hardware & Appliances store in Duluth – said the store, now in its new building, is the…
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House Of Donuts

June 26, 1991 Myrna Rich digs into a snack at the House of Donuts on Fourth Street in Duluth. (Steve Stearns / News-Tribune) House of Donuts, which was located near where Whole Foods Co-op now stands, lasted up until just a few years ago and is much missed (according to News Tribune colleagues who have…
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Dary Delite

Feb. 5, 1979 This customer will have to wait a few months before getting service at Dary Delite (the correct spelling) at the corner of Rice Lake Road, Arrowhead Road and Arlington Avenue. (Charles Curtis / News Tribune) Whatever happened to Dary Delite? Does anyone out there know?

TV Flashback: Hugh Downs Goes Diving

Feb. 14, 1992 Dr. Sylvia Earle, world-record diver and environmentalist, went diving with Hugh Downs, anchor of ABC News’ "20/20," in the Key Largo National Marine Sanctuary to explore an ecosystem endangered by human abuse. The segment will air on an upcoming edition of "20/20." (ABC promotional photo)