The Pop Shoppe Redux

The Pop Shoppe, shown in the Central Entrance photo posted a few days ago, has drawn some interest as a late, lamented part of Duluth. I did some searching on the Web, and apparently you still can satisfy your Pop Shoppe cravings… if you head to the Toronto area: It looks like the…
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Sitting On Our Car In The River

March 31, 1967 Caught in a tough situation, four men watch as Superior firemen motor to their rescue through the overflow waters of the Nemadji River. (Earl Johnson / Duluth Herald)

A&W Plans Leave Neighbors Frosted

February 1998 Artist’s rendering of an A&W restaurant that was proposed in 1998 for the corner of Woodland Avenue and St. Marie Street. DRIVE-IN OVER CREEK RAISES IRE OF NEIGHBORS (Duluth News Tribune, Feb. 11, 1998) Developers say it’s just an old-fashioned root beer stand, a slice of Americana. But a pocket of neighbors near…
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America’s Most Unusual Service Stations

April 1981 Holiday gas station / convenience store, Grand Avenue at 34th Avenue West – near Wheeler Field. Price of gas: $1.28. This picture was taken because the gas tanks at this station had been leaking, and were recently repaired. The station later closed and has sat vacant and boarded up for some time. The…
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The Shopping Machine

November 1984 The News Tribune attic contains many, many articles and photos of high-tech innovations that at one time seemed to hold so much promise… and then promptly fizzled away into oblivion. "The Shopping Machine" (photo and story below) is one of those fleeting items… although I guess, in a way, it included some elements…
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