The Magnolia Shoppe

Dec. 13, 2000 The Magnolia Shoppe has been a fixture on Grand Avenue since 1949. "Everyone has passed the Magnolia Shoppe at one time or another," former employee Deb Gergen said. "Prior to the freeway coming in, this was the main drag from the Twin Cities. And it was never a quick in-and-out kind of…
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Old Toy Department, Aisle 1

December 1963 It’s fun to look through old papers and see ads for toys you played with while growing up. We’ll post some of those old ads as a recurring feature of the News Tribune Attic, starting with….. Some of the toys featured in a Dec. 8, 1963, ad for the Giant Toyland Sale at…
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Movies At Miller Hill Mall, May 1982

May 1982 Ad from the Duluth News-Tribune

B. Affleck On The Scrap Heap

November 1984 Nov. 2, 1984: Workers at the Hyman-Michaels scrapyard on Arthur Avenue in Duluth (off Garfield Avenue, near the Blatnik Bridge) work in the exposed engine room of the ore boat Richard B. Schiller. The Schiller, like the B.F. Affleck at right, are being cut apart for scrap. (Charles Curtis / News-Tribune) I wonder…
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TV Flashback: William Shatner Is… T.J. Hooker

Fall 1985 From the News Tribune Attic’s TV promo files: William Shatner (right) as T.J. Hooker, Heather Locklear as Stacy Sheridan, and James Darren as Jim Corrigan star in T.J. Hooker, the drama of a veteran police sergeant (Hooker) who rejected a detective’s badge to remain on the streets and train young recruits. (CBS promotional…
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