Dary Delite

Feb. 5, 1979 This customer will have to wait a few months before getting service at Dary Delite (the correct spelling) at the corner of Rice Lake Road, Arrowhead Road and Arlington Avenue. (Charles Curtis / News Tribune) Whatever happened to Dary Delite? Does anyone out there know?

TV Flashback: Hugh Downs Goes Diving

Feb. 14, 1992 Dr. Sylvia Earle, world-record diver and environmentalist, went diving with Hugh Downs, anchor of ABC News’ "20/20," in the Key Largo National Marine Sanctuary to explore an ecosystem endangered by human abuse. The segment will air on an upcoming edition of "20/20." (ABC promotional photo)

At This Time Last Year…

March 1-2, 2007 One year ago, a blizzard hammered Duluth with 20+ inches of snow and winds in excess of 60 mph. Galleries of storm photos still are available at duluthnewstribune.com. Here are three photos I contributed to the DNT Web site during the blizzard – one from my walk to work along the Lakewalk…
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89-cent Gasoline

Oct. 31, 1986 Jack’s Mobil at the corner of 12th Avenue East and Fourth Street is selling unleaded and regular at the same price. (John Rott / News Tribune)

Driver’s Ed At Central High, 1971

June 22, 1971 Don Boudreau, assistant director of driving classes, directs students by walkie-talkie during a driver’s education class at the (new) Central High School in Duluth. (Duluth Herald photo)