More Photo Finds From The News Tribune Archives

More photo finds from the News Tribune archives… if you have information to add, please post a comment:

The upper side of Superior Street in downtown Duluth between Fourth and Fifth avenues West in March 1963. The Lyceum building is at left, with the KDAL billboard. This is the present-day site of the Maurices headquarters building. (News-Tribune file photo)

The Sharai Zedek Synagogue at 402 E. Ninth St. In Duluth, in September 1953. The building is no longer standing. (Duluth Herald file photo)

Jason Bill washes his hair in the stormwater running down London Road on June 21, 1986. With him are friends Troy Larson and John Slowikowski. (Bob King / News-Tribune)

Tim Baker (front), Scott Simmonsen and Craig Simmonsen canoe near the flooded Irving Recreational Center on Nov. 20, 1982. The floodwaters were down from their highest point. (Jack Rendulich / News-Tribune)

WDIO-TV anchor Dennis Anderson speaks on the phone near the wreckage of the station’s broadcast tower in March 1991. An ice storm hit Duluth, which combined with high winds to topple the 850-foot-tall WDIO-TV broadcast tower — which in turn hit a power line that knocked out power to all TV and radio stations in town except for KDAL-AM. There was ice up to 6 inches thick on the wreckage after the storm passed. (News-Tribune file photo)

A 1960s-era alternate plan for the interchange that eventually became known as the “can of worms” along Interstate 35 in Duluth. This partial-cloverleaf plan would have sent traffic into the Lincoln Park neighborhood at 22nd Avenue West, and not connected with Piedmont Avenue. (News-Tribune files)

Freeway construction underway at the junction of highways 2 and 61 between Duluth and Proctor on Nov. 19, 1964. Click on the photo for a larger view. (Charles Curtis / News-Tribune)