DWP Railway Trestle In West Duluth, 1977

May 13, 1977

The Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific Railway trestle through West Duluth is seen in this view from the corner of Central and Grand in May 1977. (News Tribune file photo)

The Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific Railway trestle was a familiar landmark in West Duluth for decades, until it was removed in the 1980s (do any of you know the exact date?)

The view above, looking west from near the corner of Central and Grand avenues, was taken on May 13, 1977. Here’s the same general view today:

The trestle was featured in an earlier Attic post. Here’s that aerial photo again, from 1982:

Looking north over West Duluth on October 28, 1982. Interstate 35 cuts across the lower half of the photo, with Central Avenue at right. (Charles Curtis / News-Tribune)

You can see the DWP trestle slicing across West Duluth in the upper half of the image. Here’s a zoomed-in view:

And here’s one more aerial photo from the 1982, from a slightly different angle, looking northeast along Grand Avenue and showing the curve of the trestle:

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  1. Tracy R. Gran Sr.

    As a kid in the 1950s, I would steal cigarettes from my parents, crawl up under the trestle, and gag on the non-filters. I would chew grass to hide the odor of smoking (my green teeth looked weird, however.

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  3. Stephen Welsh

    I wrote a paper at UMD about the growth of Spirit Mt, and wish I had known about these photos. “Four Pipe” run at Spirit used to end at the bottom of “D-Lift” where the DWP tracks cut across the hillside above Grand Ave. They paralleled the old Great Northern right of way that became the Munger Trail. When the DWP line was abandoned and the tracks removed, Four Pipe was extended another 700 feet further downhill, and in 1985-86 the first “express” chairlift was installed. Current area recreational maps show the “DWP Trail”, and part of it is now used as a return from Spirit’s mountain bike trails. Google Earth views clearly show the Munger and DWP Trails running together across the western hillside even past Gary-New Duluth. I’m not sure when the Central Ave trestles were demolished.

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