Thanksgiving Dinner In Duluth In The 1890s

Broiled bluefish. Braised saddle of squirrels. Cream of terrapin. And, yes, turkey and pumpkin pie.

Items both odd and familiar to modern-day palates were on the menu for Thanksgiving dinner at Duluth’s top hotels 120 years ago.

This item from the News Tribune from Nov. 25, 1897 — headlined “The Homeless Man,” referring to traveling businessmen and others on the road — listed the holiday dinner menus at the Spalding Hotel and the Hotel St. Louis:

All in all, quite a spread at both hotels that year.

Here’s a look at the Thanksgiving menus of two downtown Duluth restaurants that advertised in the News Tribune three years earlier, in November 1894:

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2 Responses

  1. jw

    I’m wondering how they managed to get Red Snapper in Duluth in the 1890’s!
    As to new dishes…I might like to try Curacoa Ice Cream.
    I’ll skip the Braised Saddle of Squirrel, tho!

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