Duluth Mystery Photo

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This photo in the News Tribune files has no caption information; click on the photo for a larger version.

We assume it’s from the mid- to late 1960s. And we can spot a U.S. Highway 61 road sign. Our best guess is that this shows Carlton Street in Duluth’s West End, looking toward the harbor. The ore docks would be to the right of the frame, and Clyde Iron (the present-day Duluth Heritage Sports Center) in the distance to the left of this view.

Can anyone confirm that? Or do you think this photo was taken somewhere else? What other details do you notice in the photo? Share your observations by posting a comment.

Here are two zoomed-in views of the photo above:

scan 4a

scan 4b

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  1. Frank Pitoscia

    The o’brien tanks were a give away. This is the west end area the Heritage Center and Clyde Iron are just east of there.

  2. B

    I looked at the old DNR airphotos of the area and there’s one taken in 1961 that shows the major landmarks in the picture (International dealer, horizontal oil tanks, Clyde building, Mileage station) at the corner of Carlton and Superior St. It looks like the photographer was standing at what is now the entrance to United Products on Carlton Street. Looking at the area in Google Street View, none of the landmarks except the International dealer are still there today.

  3. J.L.

    I agree that the late 1960s is likely right for the time frame. Prior to I-35 being opened into downtown Duluth in the early 1970s, the US-61 designation followed Cody Street, Grand Avenue, Carlton Street, and then Superior Street on its way from West Duluth into downtown. I’m not as familiar with the International Harvester trucks as other brands, but hopefully someone else will see some details in the trucks that can narrow it down to a year’s body style that can help date the photo more precisely.

  4. Michael

    Our best guess is that this shows Carlton Street in Duluth’s West End, looking toward the harbor.
    You are correct. The sign that says International Trucks is where Maney International sits today.

  5. Jack Renick

    You are correct, the International Truck dealership was located and the gas station on the corner offered S&H Green Stamps as a premium

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