Phillips 66 Gas Station On Superior Street, 1961

Here are a couple views of a then-new Phillips 66 gas station and the offices of Como Oil Company along Superior Street at Eighth Avenue East in 1961. This view is from April of that year:

And here’s a photo from November 1961:

Here are a couple of zoomed-in views of the signage in the November photo (including what looks like a Hires Root Beer ad):

This Phillips 66 gas station was located across Eighth Avenue East from what is now Sir Benedict’s Tavern (what was then another gas station). The station is listed in city directories through 1983, the year it and many other buildings along Superior Street in that area were razed to make way for the eastward extension of Interstate 35. That was covered in an Attic post last year, and you can see the Phillips 66 station in the photos with that entry.

Past Attic posts have included photos of several gas station chains, including Clark, Pure and Holiday, among others. What gas station chains do you remember? Share your memories by posting a comment.

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  1. Jewels

    Does anyone remember the name of the gas station, where Chad’s automotive is now, at the bottom of 28th Ave. W and Grand Avenue? Then there was one across the street from the OLD Holiday on Grand Ave. that I remember stopping with my folks with, and filling her up before going to the Grandparents house in Pine City; This would have been back in the late 1960’s early 70’s, and gas was all of around 60 cents a gallon….lol I agree with Doug though, they sure don’t build things like they used to anymore, everything is now made out of cheap plastic and you’re dang lucky if you get to last 1 year now-a-days!

  2. Mike Chase

    Joe’s Standard @ Piedmont Avenue & 7th St was a neighborhood anchor with Joseph G. McNamara proprietor. Not only did you get excellent service and mechanical expertise, but Joe had a heart for those with limited resources–reasonable charges and many not collected for those with hardships. After he sold the station, Joe became a teacher at the Training Station on 28th and Grand Ave in conjunction with the Board of Education–providing hands-on mechanical experience for men and women alike, teaching others a trade. Mayor Ness honored Joe for his public service by issuing a proclamation of “Joe McNamara Day” in Duluth on July 3, 2010. We honored Joe in the presence of friends and family–many traveling thousands of miles to be there for Joe. I was one of several dozen of “Joe’s boys” who had the pleasure of working for Joe as a teen–learning many important lessons of life first hand from his firm grip and guidance. The building still stands at Piedmont & 7th, sadly no longer a Standard Station with the adage “You expect more from Standard…..and you get it”, nor the torch signage associated with the brand. The walls of this building contain many special memories and stories about the neighborhood and its now-grown, many departed youth and customers.

  3. Bob P

    I delivered morning papers to one of the guys at Laurie Gas on 46th & Grand.
    They would even do an oil change while a car was parked at the pump!
    Taco John’s replaced the gas station.
    My dad always had his car fixed at Skelly Standard across Cody Street by Bell
    Bros. I remember having car repairs done at Larry Guida Standard station
    on 10th Ave East and Superior St.

  4. One station in the listing by Jim (a different Jim) included the Skelly at 40th and Grand. I believe that was the station operated for a time in the late 1950s by West Duluth’s Regents Car Club, of which I was a charter member. The club previously had operated a station at the large garage on the southeast corner of 41st and Grand. The building at 41st is still there, but it’s been a long time since it was a filling station with pumps. The Regents pumped Pure when we had it in the mid-’50s.

  5. Jim

    I remember a Skelly at 34th and Grand; M & C at 39th and Grand; another
    Skelly at 40th and Grand as well as a Standard at 40th and Grand.
    There was also an APCO near 49th and Grand and a Laurie Gas Station
    near 46th and Grand and several other service stations at 44th and Grand.
    There was Slatten Brothers Mobil also along Grand…they checked tires,
    oil, washed windows in and out, whisk broomed the floor mats….great

  6. Doug

    It’s too bad these places aren’t still there! So much modern stuff nowadays, that is built crappy and cheap!! I long for the old days in my hometown!!

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