Aerial View Of West Duluth, 1970

Circa 1970

This News Tribune file photo shows Interstate 35 under construction through West Duluth. It has two dates written on the back – 1969 and 1970 – so perhaps an alert reader can pick out some details from this image to determine which year is correct.

This photo certainly shows how important Cody Street was as an entrance to Duluth before the freeway was completed.

Click on the photo for a much larger version of the image. Here are a couple of zoomed-in views, starting with the West Duluth commercial district (this was a time before Kmart and Super One):

And here’s the area around Laura MacArthur School, what was then Shoppers City and the long-gone railroad viaduct:

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What interesting things do you spot in these photos? Share your observations and memories by posting a comment.

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  1. Nicholas Howe

    Are there any other pictures from this set? I’m wondering because my Grandmother lived on S 58th Ave W and although the house was torn down way before this picture was taken it would be nice to see what that area was looking like at the time. Thanks! Great work on the site!

  2. D. Edward Clark

    A couple of other notes of interest, the DWP railyard on the lower right, (which my late grandfather once worked for up until the switch to diesel engines), & on the lower left the abandoned “Highway 1”. Great photo, keep it up!

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