Heartland Band And Country Music In The Northland, 1982

March 4, 1982

The Heartland Band, a Northland country music group, as seen in February 1982 – clockwise from lower left: Mark Russell, Steve Johnson, Al Oikari, Greg Brown, Jack Purcell and Craig Erickson. (News Tribune file photo)

Heartland Band lifts area’s country music profile

By Bob Ashenmacher, News-Tribune staff writer

Maybe it’s just that its audiences are so polite. Why else would country music’s profile be so low in this area?

After all, it may well be the most popular kind of music between Pine City and the Canadian border. Consider: It’s big news when a rock act like Loverboy sells out Duluth Arena, but routine when the Staler Brothers do it (or Kenny Rogers, although these days he’s about as genuinely country as Ralph Lauren).

Country radio stations like Hibbing’s WKKQ-AM and Duluth’s WDSM-AM have been enjoying very healthy ratings in the local market for a good while now, with no signs of slipping.

Finally, there’s the recent experience of Jim Nostrant at WKLK, Cloquet’s country radio. His station and half a dozen others around the state recently sponsored a country talent search. Each region’s winner has been chosen and the state finals will be in Cloquet’s middle school gymnasium at 7:30 p.m. Friday.

“We for sure had the most entries of any region in the state,” Nostrant said.

“Some of the other contests had like 13 entrants. We had 42, and after the cutoff time something like another 50 wanted to sign up.”

The contest had to be conducted over two Sunday afternoons, rather than the orginally planned one. Its site, the Register bar in Scanlon, was filled with upwards of 400 people each day, Nostrant said. The would-be stars wanted a shot at $50,000, a televised performance in Nashville and a recording and bookings contract. That’s the top prize in the national competition, sponsored by Wrangler Jeans.

The local entrants ranged from a 7-year-old singer to a 67-year-old former logger who played the harmonica and guitar. The winner was the Heartland Band, a sextet formed specifically for the contest.

“We’d been talking about getting together anyway,” said organizer Greg Brown of Carlton. “This seemed like the perfect opportunity. I’d worked with a lot of these guys before.”

Brown supplies vocals and plays guitar and fiddle. The rest of the lineup is Steve Johnson or Grand Marais, guitar and vocals; Al Oikari of Grand Marais, piano, guitar and vocals; Craig Erickson of Cloquet, bass and vocals; Mark Russell of Duluth, steel guitar; and Jack Purcell of Cloquet on drums.

The band’s sound is highlighted by its harmonies and instrumental variety, according to Brown. It won its chance at the state championship by doing an old Cajun tune, “Diggy Liggy Lo,” as a warmup, and Rusty Weir’s “Don’t it Make You Wanna Dance” as its to-be-judged song.

The winner of Friday night’s state finals gets $1,000, a trip to Nashville, an appearance on a televised show with Ray Price and a chance at the top prize, performing on the show and the above-mentioned 50 grand and recording and booking contracts. Tickets to the state finals will cost $6.50. “But some of the other states, I know, are charging eight bucks,” Nostrant said.

And all the talent won’t be homegrown. Nashville’s Legarde Twins will perform and emcee, and Texan swing band Texas Tradition will play backup to solo acts who want accompaniment.

— end —

Do you remember the Heartland Band? Does anyone know if they advanced to the national competition? What other long-ago local bands should we search for in the News Tribune archives? Share your memories and suggestions by posting a comment.

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  1. Faye Haverstock

    Just pulled out the old albums, loved Whiskey River in college (Duluth)and baking cookies! Still know all the words to the 2 albums! Bringing back a lot of fun memories from Grandma’s under the tent, and dancing to the music. Never missed a concert, had to take my boyfriend once who really wasn’t sure, married him just the same and we still are dancing to the songs. Still loving the music.
    Never did get my albums signed, but go to Lutsen a lot. Can’t beat the north! Steve, love to hear you play in Grand Marais or at Papa Charlie’s some time!

  2. Steve Johnson

    I was very surprised to see that they aired this piece, it was a very fun time that I’ll always remember fondly. They are a real talented group of guys. I’ve managed to stay in close contact with Al, however lost touch with several of the other guys, I know Greg, Jack and Al have all managed to stay in the music business, I’m still alive and well,living back in the Grand Marais area.
    Thanks for remembering

  3. Tony Tracy

    Dacotah….Local based played DECC with Everly Brothers and Dirt Band before moving to Nashville to try get signed.

  4. Kitty Russell

    I remember this band very well! Mark Russell is my husband and played the steel guitar. I loved going to all the places they played and never tired of listening to them. Mark and I would love to hear from any of the band members or the fans that they had, that are on facebook. We are listed under our names and Duluth.
    Kitty Russell

  5. Guyal Nelson

    How about researching the band out of the Moose Lake area called Whiskey River, they did record two albums in the 1980’s in Nashville, opened for a lot of big acts, played gigs from Tennessee to California…They played various Duluth clubs like, Grandma’s, The Warehouse, and Charlie’s..

    1. Charlie Jensen

      Whiskey River was a great band…I have their first album. I think Dan Naslund is still a teacher in Cloquet and I know Judd Erickson performed as recently as a few weeks ago at Lee’s Liquor Lounge in Mpls….I live in the cities and should have gone to see him. Unfortunately, I’ve heard the Fadness brothers, Larry and Dick, have both passed away several years ago.

      Another great Duluth band from the 60’s were The Titans. I was able to locate Rick Colborn a few years ago and he autogrphed a guitar for me, and George McLelland got me a cd of their music, so I can still enjoy the music of both of these bands…..cool!

      1. Guyal Nelson

        The original four members of Whiskey River, Larry Fadness, Rick Fadness, Greg Snyder and LJ have all passed….Dan Nasland lives in Barnum, Judd is still playing in the Cities, Pete and Dale I believe are still around the Duluth Area…Whiskey River was inducted into the Minnesota Rock/Country Hall of Fame a few years ago…

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