Vintage view of Gary-New Duluth fire and police hall

This undated view shows the fire hall and police station on Commonwealth Avenue in the Gary-New Duluth neighborhood. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable about cars can date the photo based on the police squad parked in front:


And, when this photo was taken the building didn’t just house a fire station and police station – it had a branch of the library in the basement:

The fire hall still stands, and still serves as a fire hall. The police station portion of the building now houses the Gary-New Duluth Community Center.

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14 thoughts on “Vintage view of Gary-New Duluth fire and police hall

  1. My grandfather George J Paquette was a fireman at this station from the 1920’s until the early 1940’s. He served in WWI and must have started there after he returned. My wife and I went to visit the station in September of 2014. The fireman at the station showed me around and told me that there were some old duty rosters on the wall. There, one the wall was the duty roster for May 19, 1928 with pipeman G. Paquette. It was very special to see. According to the 1940 census, he had graduated to chauffer, which was the term for the driver of the engine.

  2. My Mom used to tell us about the time she lost control of a Bike going down House Street and crashed into the front door of the Police Station. Probably Circa 1932.

  3. Its a 53 Ford Mainline, Ford’s lowest price series of cars. they were often used as police cars and other fleet applications. The care in the garage appears to be a 41 Ford Super Deluxe. It has a chrome strip along the fender and the parking light is mounted on top of the fender.

  4. Can you zoom to the signs on the doors. There may be something written there.
    Also, there is a vehicle inside the building.

    • The signs above the doors at either end of the building say Fire Department and Police Station. I saw the other car in the building, but very little of it is visible.

  5. Checking the web it looked like Ford was known in the 1950’s as being the #1 provider of police vehicles….so the vehicle in the pic looks like the 1953 Ford Crestline Victoria

  6. I can remember this fire hall and amazed that it is still there…lived there for about 4 yrs in Gary-New duluth…….haven’t been back there for quite a few years… will have to make trip back there when I go up north again
    remember that the library was in the basement too

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