Vintage View Of Gary-New Duluth Fire And Police Hall

This undated view shows the fire hall and police station on Commonwealth Avenue in the Gary-New Duluth neighborhood. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable about cars can date the photo based on the police squad parked in front: —– And, when this photo was taken the building didn’t just house a fire station and police station –…
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Happy 71st Birthday, Bob Dylan

Today, May 24, 2012, is the 71st birthday of music legend and Northland native Bob Dylan, born in Duluth as Robert Zimmerman in 1941 and raised in Hibbing. I compiled a bunch of text and photos about Dylan from the News Tribune files last year for his 70th birthday. Take a look.  

Remembering KDAL Overnight DJ ‘Little Joe’ Laznick

April 10, 1966 Former taxi, truck and ambulance driver turned disc jockey Joseph “Little Joe” Laznick keeps watch over his nighttime family in this photo from April 1966. (Charles Curtis / News-Tribune) Pre-Dawn Jockey Little Joe Spins Night Away By Wayne Wangstad, News-Tribune staff writer A world of grooved plastic spins away the time for…
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Morgan Park High School Memories

This year marks the end of the line for classes at what is now Morgan Park Middle School; students from Morgan Park will attend classes at the new Lincoln Park Middle School starting in the fall. It’s also the 30th anniversary of the closing of Morgan Park High School in that building; the high school…
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Items From The Attic’s Attic

I’m going to be out of the office for a few days. While I’m gone, here are a few past Attic entries – from four years ago, May 2008 – that you may have missed at the time they were posted: Downtown Duluth Burger King closes, 1998 Henry’s Hamburgers, 1961 Traffic stop on Superior Street,…
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