Photos Of The Aerial Ferry Bridge

Before it was the Aerial Lift Bridge, the Duluth icon was the Aerial Ferry Bridge.

When the span linking Canal Park to Park Point first opened in 1905, a gondola – or “aerial ferry” carried passengers and vehicles across the ship canal. The bridge was converted to its present lift-and-lower span in the winter of 1929-30.

I’m unsure of the origin of the photos with this post; I don’t think they were taken as News Tribune photos. They may have been sent in by readers at one time, but they’ve been residing in dusty files upstairs here for years. Whatever the source, they offer some nice glimpses of the Aerial Ferry Bridge; click on each photo for a larger view:

Duluth’s Aerial Ferry Bridge as viewed from the Lake Superior side, circa 1918.


Aerial Ferry Bridge viewed from Park Point side, circa April 1923. Signs on buildings to the right of the bridge structure on the far side read “Auto Transfer and Storage Co.” and (I think) “Hoopes Real Estate Loans.”


Aerial Ferry Bridge viewed from Park Point side, April 1, 1923.


Boarding the Aerial Ferry Bridge gondola from Park Point, April 1923.

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  3. I had a relative, an iron worker by trade, who worked on the conversion from “ferry” to “lift” in 1929. Family lore had it that another worker, trying to secure a position for someone else, tried to push my relative off the bridge as they worked atop the structure. I can’t vouch for the veracity of this tale, but it must have been rooted in some incident at the time. With everyone involved long dead, it’s all water under the bridge (ugh) now anyway.

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