Another Of The Northland’s Legendary Characters Passes Away

First, Richard Wozniak of Duluth’s Young at Heart Records passed away Feb. 18 at age 94.

Now, Charlotte Zacher, the longtime owner of Charlotte’s Cafe in Carlton, has died at age 99 (just a few weeks shy of her 100th birthday). Charlotte was known far and wide for wearing elegant evening gowns (and many other unique outfits) behind the counter of the cafe she ran for more than 60 years. You can read the obit I wrote for the News Tribune here. For those who may know her more by sight than by name, here’s a News Tribune file photo from 1980, of Charlotte sitting in her cafe:

Richard and Charlotte both were institutions of their respective communities for decades – a little eccentric, yes, but very much a part of the local fabric. After their respective businesses closed, they faded from the public eye; their passing has revived many memories and stories in the minds of Northland residents.

I may post a few more photos and stories about Charlotte here in the Attic later this week (if those plans aren’t derailed by the big winter storm forecast to move in here the next few days). In the meantime, please share your memories by posting a comment. And if you can think of other Northland characters of the likes of Richard Wozniak and Charlotte Zacher, please share those names and stories, too.

2 Responses

  1. Michael J.

    Was Stuckenburg’s Restaurant at the intersection in downtown Carlton?
    We went there often and the owner/cook would come out and chat with the kids
    wiping his hands on is cooking apron and wearing his chef’s hat…

  2. Peter

    Of course if you’re a true Carlton County-er you know the story about the “other side” of Charlotte’s restaurant. The motel in the back for railroad workers that just happened to have some very attentive service 😉

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