Kenwood Shopping Center, 1961

This view of the Kenwood Shopping Center – click on the photo for a larger version – is from the Duluth Herald on March 15, 1961. I apologize for the quality; it’s the best version I had available.

The photo ran with a story mentioning several new shops and sales to be held at the center, which opened in 1958. The story also noted that its name was changing from Town and Country to the Kenwood Shopping Center.

It also listed the tenants of the shopping center. Here’s that retail lineup from early 1961: Red Owl food store, Boyce Drug Store, Town and Country Beauty Salon, Ben’s Hobbyland, Westman’s Apparel, Town and Country Bootery, Kenwood Laundromat, Sherwin Williams Paints, Juniors & Toddlers Shoppe, Abelson Our-Own Hardware, Peerless-Yale Dry Cleaning, Town and Country Barber Shop, Fortmeier’s Happy House candy shop and Woolworth’s.

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2 Responses

  1. Matt

    I’ve used the microfilm machines and they seem to be quite a bit higher quality than the old paper copies. Is it possible to bring it up on the machine and take a picture of the screen?

    1. Andrew

      This photo is pretty washed-out on the microfilm at the DNT. I do go the photo-off-micofilm route sometimes, but in this case the difference was negligible. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

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