Long-lost Logos From Duluth… And A Mystery

I had occasion to delve into old files of advertising clip art (these files were not in the Attic… we’ll call it the News Tribune Annex). In any case, among the thousands of images were some old Duluth-specific logos, including these….

I particularly like the “Skyworld” logo, which I presume must refer to the then-new (or new-ish) skywalk system downtown. I should note that aside from the Denfeld logo, I don’t have dates for any of these.

Here’s one more logo from the files that someone left instructions to never use again… but I’m going to break the rules:


And here’s one mystery from the local clip art files…. this drawing of a man named Henry who also has an old KBJR-TV logo (TV 6) on his helmet. Is this a fictional character, or a caricature of a real person? Does anyone recognize him, and know what ad campaign he was part of? If so, post a comment….

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  1. Jim

    Does anyone have a picture of the billboard that used to be on Mesaba around 1980 by the fire station that showed a picture of what Duluth was going to look like in the year 2000? It was very futuristic looking.

  2. Paul S

    I still have a “autographed” Brick from Henry somewhere in my basement. I haven’t thought about that in years. Henry was a hoot!

  3. Barbara Humphrey

    I believe “Henry” was featured as a brick layer in television commercials and possibly print ads as well and was played by my friend Tom Price. After moving to the Twin Cities Tom went on a serious weight loss program and slimmed down – a lot. He continued to have a very successful career as a commercial actor and did some stage work as well.

  4. Bob P

    Denfeld All Class Reunion was held to allow all graduates of Denfeld to have
    a reunion with their class. Many reunions held throughout the city.
    Non-graduates of Denfeld or any other high school in Duluth could obtain a
    honorary diploma from Aerial Bridge High School.

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