Old Denfeld Sign At Old Laura MacArthur School

There’s been a discussion over on Perfect Duluth Day the past couple days about whether or not an old, engraved Denfeld High School might exist on the 56th Avenue West facade of the now-former Laura MacArthur Elementary School.

That part of the old MacArthur (the new MacArthur opened this year) was Denfeld High School when it first opened; go to PDD for the full history. Over the course of the years, the building was remodeled and added to, covering up the old Denfeld sign.

But it did exist, as shown in these two pictures that ran in the News Tribune on April 13, 1994 (one was archived in color; the other had to be retrieved from microfilm):

These photos were taken by the DNT’s Charles Curtis when workers were preparing to add a new entrance, stairwell and elevator to the school. A sign that read “MacArthur-West” was removed from above the entrance, revealing – if only temporarily – the old (and damaged) Denfeld engraving.

Alas, there was no further word in that day’s paper about the fate of the sign. Was it removed? Saved by being encased within the addition? If you know more, post a comment here or over at the PDD discussion.