70th Anniversary Of Pearl Harbor Attack

Today, Dec. 7, 2011, is the 70th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that launched the United States into World War II. It’s hard to believe that the youngest survivors of that fateful day are now in their late 80s, with most in their 90s.

Here is an image of the front page of the News-Tribune from the day after the attack – Dec. 8, 1941. Click on the image to access a large-size view on which you can read the text (you may need to click a second time to get the full-size view):

And one more interesting Pearl Harbor-related item…

This is an audio clip of an early NBC radio report on the attack, relayed from radio station KGU in Honolulu. I have seen some references to this being the first eyewitness media report of the attack to reach the mainland U.S., although I am not sure of that:

The news the reporter is dramatic on its own, of course. But what adds to it for me is the static-filled, cobbled-together transmission – and thinking how an entire nation was gathered around radios, waiting to hear that first live report from Hawaii that would change the course of history.

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