Old Aerial Photos Of Downtown Superior

I found a couple of undated aerial photos of downtown Superior in the News Tribune files. They were taken by the News Tribune’s Earl Johnson, probably in the early 1960s – though if you see any clues in these that could help pinpoint the date, please post a comment.

The first two photos below are the original, complete images. Below them are a selection of zoomed-in views:

Do you have stories about the Beacon Theater or any of the other long-gone buildings visible in these images? Share your memories by posting a comment.

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  1. Pat Gainey

    the 4th picture shows an old furniture store on Belknap down from Globe News – the semi-circular sign in front – it had a big rotating turntable that would show three different ‘rooms’ of furniture, turning slowly so you’d see each one in turn. as a kid we’d sometimes try and jump on the turntable and ride to the front of the store. There was a coin store b/t it and Globe News. Globe, on corner of Tower and Belknap, had everything!

  2. kathie kukull teslaw

    I have some wonderful memories of the Beacon Theater as well as Edelsteins Gift Shop and Maurices. You see, I worked at all three merchants. I was 14 when I worked for Liliian Edelstein Greenblatt. Just on thursday nights and sometimmes on Saturdays. I love the china and crystal..and the shop itself was in a bulilding that used to a an optomitrist shop. It had a “balcony” in the back..and I believe at one time was a living space for a former tenent. Across the street was Maurices. couldn’t work there until I was 16. and once again, it was very few part time hours, so juggled both employers needs with my schedule. Christmas at Maurces was always fun…especially the christmas Eve rush. The men had always put their shopping off until the last moment..then they would come in, as k for help and say “just wrap it up, “she” can come in after Christmas for the right size”!! Edeleins was fun, as Lillian would allow me to redo the display window…that also meant cleaning the window. The curved glass was difficult, but always managed to make it shiney. Dusting and cleaning was no easy task either; and the polishing of the siver to keep all the merchandise looking “store sharp”! The Beacon, to me , was one of the most beautiful interiors. I love the Art Deco surroundings and the furnishings that were part of the lobby and the downstairs lounge. the longest playing movie, I believe, was Sound of Music. WE started showing it in april or May and it ran until September or October. One of the ushers and I would try to dance the Austrian folk dance down the eisle when no one was there for the matinee showing. and then there was the competion between Guenards and the theater for Popcorn….It isn’t like now a days….we both used real butter (not the butter flavored topping that is now used) on the popcorn. It was a great way to earn money for me…and coming from a strong backround of learning a good work ethic, it carried over to my future working skills. Yes, there were days I would have rather been a the lake or with my friends, but it was hard to beat making $.50 an hour, when babysitting only paid around a quarter or little more! Besides, were else could I have learned about china, an Austrian folk dance or get a better sense of fashion? Only on Tower Ave, in one city block!

  3. Thomas Mccann

    I agree with the photos being of the late 50s or so. BTW thanks for the memories of a time when I lived in Superior.

  4. David Olson

    It has to be either 1957 late or 1958 as the bridge hasn’t been started but there are 57 chevy’s on the road way. I didn’t find any 58 model cars in a blow up of the picture. So that is my guess.

  5. Me

    You should be able to date this accurately using the fourth pic down. It has the car dealership in the location that is now Larson Chevrolet. Someone who knows cars should be able to identify what model year cars are sitting on the lot.

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