Corner Of Superior And Lake, 1988

October 28, 1988

Dust rises from rubble dropped by the operator of a front-end loader during demolition of buildings at the corner of Superior Street and Lake Avenue on October 28, 1988, as seen from the Gardner Hotel. The vacant buildings were being removed to make way for a parking lot. (John Rott / News-Tribune)

Here are a few zoomed-in views from the photo above:

The Electric Fetus record store and the now-gone Strand Theater are visible across Superior Street.

What’s now the Lake Superior Plaza was being used as a parking lot.


The parking lot that replaced the buildings being torn down was itself replaced by the Tech Village building about 10 years later.

The corner of Superior and Lake is at the heart of downtown Duluth, and appears in lots of photos in the DNT files.

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And here are a couple more views of the corner:

Looking out over the site of the proposed Tech Village / Soft Center project at the corner of Superior Street and Lake Avenue on March 8, 1998. (Charles Curtis / News-Tribune)


I’m not sure of the origins or date of his old photo that was saved in the News Tribune’s electronic archive around the time when the Tech Village was being planned. It shows the corner of Superior and Lake, apparently during a flood, sometime around the turn of the century. It’s from after 1890 – that’s when the Tremont Hotel, later the Gardner Hotel, visible (and still standing) up the hill on Lake Avenue was built. And I don’t see any signs of cars, so that probably places it before 1905-10.

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  1. Herb Dillon

    This is a icture from July 1909 after a bad storm- there are a few postcards with this site and a coule of other sots in duluth after this

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