Downtown Duluth, 1961

August 10, 1961

This photo looks very familiar to me, but I don’t think I posted it with any previous entries. It was submitted by a News Tribune reader years ago, and shows downtown Duluth from the west in August 1961.

As most of you probably can tell, the intersection at lower right is Superior Street and Mesaba Avenue. Here are a few zoomed-in views of the businesses along Superior Street:

Signs visible in this view, from bottom to top, are the Clark gas station, Northern Bible Society Bible House, what appears to be the Francis Hotel, the Lenox Hotel and a portion of the Holland Hotel sign.


On the other side of Superior Street you can see the Soo Line depot and, behind it, the Spalding Hotel.


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  1. Jim Saranpaa

    I remember the Soo Line Depot. Felt bad when it was demolished. As a boy when we made our annual trip to Duluth, I remember the steam locomotives idling at the stations. Someplace we have pictures of me in front of the Lief Erickson boat and an American Steamship freighter. Wish I knew where they were today so I could share with the readers. My father worked for the Co-Op stores and the headquarters for CCW was in Superior on Winter Street. Tons of trucks coming and going with groceries and the CCW had it’s own coffee roasting plant and bakery. This was always part of our annual visit to the Twin Ports…tours of the facilities. Anybody have pictures of those facilities?

  2. PJ

    I can still remember the lyrics to the Clark Super 100 song:

    “Clark Super 100 gasoline
    Thousands say it’s best
    The largest selling independent gasoline
    In the middle west.
    Fill up today
    You’ll know just what we mean
    By Clark Super 100 gasoline!”
    (Now I can’t get it out of my head. Great photos, though. Thanks!)

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