Photos Of Babbitt From The 1950s

Sunday’s News Tribune includes a News Tribune Attic print edition column about a photo of a grocery store in Babbitt in the 1950s.

A few weeks back that photo ran in the paper, and I asked if any readers knew the people in the picture. They did – and you can read the story at the DNT home page to learn more.

Meanwhile, here is that photo – and a few others from Babbitt in the 1950s:

This photo, labeled “Babbitt Store – Mrs. Roland Wright and son Jon” – ran with the News Tribune Attic print column on Aug. 21. We asked if any readers could provide any more information about the photo – and heard from Jon Wright himself. (News Tribune file photo)


This photo from the News Tribune files is unlabeled, but was filed with other photos from Babbitt and appears to date to the 1950s or 1960s. It shows a crew working on a new cement sidewalk, with local kids watching closely – perhaps waiting patiently for the chance to write their names in the wet cement? (News Tribune file photo)


Mrs. John Hyvarinen teaches school – possibly a first- and/or second-grade class – in Babbitt in the 1950s. Do you recognize any of the students? (News Tribune file photo)


Kids walk past a building labeled “Babbitt School Grades 1 & 2” in the 1950s. A Standard gas station is in the background. (News Tribune file photo)


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  1. Anthony Auer

    That’s me… 3rd from the left, front row. This was the combined 1st and 2nd grade class. 2 seats behind me is Larry Murphy.

    The grocery store is Slade’s Piggly Wiggly. Leonard Slade and Larry Murphy were my best friends in Babbitt. I learned to ride a bike on Leonard’s sister’s bike.

    Babbitt didn’t have apartments. The construction picture is of Silver Bay, the apartments were down by Compton Elementry School.

  2. Orion Hanson

    I was born in 1954 & my 1st home was on Hemlock Circle, my parents moved to Fern Court in Babbitt in 1956 so I don’t remember Hemlock neighborhood. I have two brothers who were 4 & 6 years old when they moved to Babbitt in 1952. I am wondering about the picture of the kids watching the the adults pouring cement. I could be wrong but I think it could be a picture from Silver Bay. Looking at the houses, the only blocks that have that style of house is on Hemlock & Garden Circles. These two blocks were out in the “open” without being that close to the “hill” like that in the background. And there were no two story buildings like “staff house” pictured ion the background by Hemlock or Garden Circles. I could be wrong, maybe you could ask about this picture as if it is in Babbitt or Silver Bay. I enjoyed seeing the pictures, a lady who now lives in Ely sent the article to my Mother last week, mom said she remembers the man behind the counter in the grocery store. Orion Hanson

  3. Karen Christiansen

    The photo of the sidewalk construction is in Silver Bay in the 1950’s. Babbitt was flat and had no hills next to it and there is an appartment building in the background. Babbitt did not have any appartment building.

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