Duluth Hospital Photos, 1960s

From the News Tribune files, here are some photos of Duluth hospitals in the 1960s through 1970:

Miss Helen Langamo, RN, head nurse of the OB department at St. Luke’s hospital, shows a typical labor room – one of seven – circa 1962. (News Tribune file photo)


This photo was featured in a previous Attic post in April 2009:

From the “nerve center” of the St. Luke’s intensive care unit, all 16 patients in the section can be seen in January 1962. (News Tribune file photo)


Miss Kathleen Riley, RN, and Miss Janet Benson, RN, show a delivery room at St. Luke’s hospital on October 26, 1962. (News-Tribune file photo)


Student nurse Ethel Kuitala talks with patient Sina Sandberg at St. Luke’s hospital on Jan. 5, 1962. (News-Tribune file photo)


A new parking structure is under construction above First Street at Miller Memorial Hospital on June 8, 1970. (Duluth Herald file photo)


Do you recognize any of the people in these photos? Share your stories and memories by posting a comment.

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  1. Helen Schroeder

    That was so interesting. My niece, Shirley Classen graduated from St. Lukes and was a nurse there about that time. Sure brings back memories seeing the bus I probably took to work since I worked at the Torrey Bldg. on Superior St. and the Glass Block where I shopped many times. Thanks for thee memories. Love, Helen

  2. Bill

    Hotel Lincoln..I lived in that hotel.Also cooked in the kitchen.Moved in there after rehab.
    I had a cardboard box,2 pair pants,3 shirts.Made a deal with the managers.I would paint rooms for a place to stay.I still have 2 serving platters with the hotel logo on them.
    Some of you may remember,the restaurant had a mural painted on all 4 walls.Red and pink flowers with green vines.I also have 2 complete place settings with that design.
    Dinner plates,bread plates,small bowels,ect.
    I met the woman of my dreams while living there.LOL,No she did not live there.She was going to St.Scholastica.Her mother worked for Dr.E.Bagley.Her father had his own business.It was a little tuff convincing her,and her family,that this long haired drunk,would not always be at the Lincoln.That was 35yr ago.Yep,I married her.Still am.
    As you can see,the Lincoln brings back many great memories.
    One of my jobs moving on,was working at the Radisson.I became friends with Bruce Bennett there.The ultimate gentleman. Marsh Nelson called me sarge.Another one that I miss seeing downtown.
    Thanks for the memories.
    Oh,By the way,Yes,I am still sober.lol

  3. Judith Olson

    in the delivery room photo, I recognize Kathy Riley Goedel, who remains as beautiful today as she is in the photo. She became a much-admired nurse practitioner on the North Shore.

  4. wayne benson

    Pleased to see a picture of my sister (Janet Benson) in the OB section . She retired full-time from St Lukes in 1997. Currently lives in Hermantown & conducts N.A.T.O. testing for Lake Superior students. She is now married to Myron Lindahl. They spend the winter months at their other home in Arizona.

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