Carl Eller Mystery Photo

While looking in the News Tribune Attic earlier this week, I found this photo of Minnesota Vikings great Carl Eller holding a camera, flanked by two employees of a store I assume to be in Duluth, sometime in the 1970s.

The caption on the back of the photo identifies them as Paul Goldstein (left), owner, and Mike Newman (right), photographic manager. But it does not name the store, and does not include a specific date that would help me track down an accompanying story with more information.

I’ll keep looking through the files, but in the meantime can anyone out there provide more information about the location, date and context of this picture? If you know more, please post a comment.

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  1. Andrew

    Thanks, Mike C., for tracking down that information, and thanks to everyone else who has replied so far today. I’ll see if looking up Century Camera in the files produces any more details on the photo.

  2. Mike C

    I emailed Mike Newman with the Carl Eller mystery photo and he responded with the following:
    Hey Mike;
    Thanks for the find, let them know that the shot was taken during the grand opening of the Century Camera store, (Duluth branch). Which was located up on 1st Street across from the telephone company, (I think that was about 4th Ave West).
    The main Century Camera store was located in Minneapolis. Goldstein was one of the owners of Century Camera and Carl was a personal friend. Shot was taken around 1975 or ’76.
    Century Camera no longer exists as a business as far as I know.
    Thanks for the memories,

    1. Frank Stackowitz

      Mike is correct. The Century Camera store was on the north side of 1st street across the avenue from City Hall…4th Ave West??

  3. Mike

    My Duluth city directories indicate that a Michael Newman was a driver for Northern Photo Services (810 E. 4th St.) during the mid to late 1970’s and became a salesman for KDAL in 1980.

  4. Claudia Baney

    Not sure ,but could it be “Remington Sporting Goods Store” owned by the Cohen family? It was located on Superior Street near where ECO Environmentally Conscious Options now is – the 400 block of W. Superior St. That even looks like it could be a young Bruce Cohen on the right. Maybe, maybe not. Carl Eller also visited the Piedmont Heights Piggly Wiggly store, possibly during the same time element.

  5. Bill Hansen

    I believe it was Camera Exchange on 1st St between 4th and 3rd Ave W. I covered his appearance as a photographer for KBJR-TV news. My best guess is that it was in 1974. I remember shaking Carl Eller’s hand and feeling like my hand was tiny in comparison.

  6. Tom Barstow

    From a North Carolina Attic fan.

    The photo appears to be at the counter of Century Camera’s retail store located on 7th street across the street from the original Radisson Hotel in Minneapolis. Prior to joining KDAL-TV in 1967 I represented the Professional Division of Century Camera. A very memorable day was “manning” a booth with Carl Eller in Minneapolis in 1964 or 1965 for the Minnesota Professional Photographers Association Convention. Carl functioned as a PR Representative for the company and was a personal friend of Paul Goldstein the owners son. We had a great mix enhanced by Carl’s being 6′ 6″ to my 5′ 6″ and his size 15 shoe to my 6.5. A real Mutt & Jeff act. Carl was a proud member of the Vikings Purple People Eaters in addition was a very soft spoken Gentleman’s Gentleman.

    Harvey Goldstein, Paul’s father, besides owning Century Camera was a major boxing promoter in the Twin Cities.

    1. Willis C. Kildow

      This is GOOD information. Harvey Goldstein was a student in some of my father’s (Fred Kildow, Professor of Journalism) classes at the U.of M. When Harvey graduated from the U. he wanted to open a camera store and asked my dad if he could help finance this for him. Dad could, and did, and Harvey opened the 1st Century Store in Dinkeytown by the University – with dad as his partner. Harvey was an astute businessman and the store prospered. He wanted to expand the business. The costs of doing this were more than dad could handle alone, so he brought in a friend, Col. Carroll Geddes, to furnish the rest of the amount needed. Harvey then opened the Century Camera on 7th Street in Minneapolis, right across from the Radisson Hotel. The three partners then were Harvey Goldstein, Fred Kildow, and Carrol Geddes. I am well acquainted with this store as Harvey paid me a small amount to clean and mop a couple times a week after closing. At that time I was a student at the U. Again, the business flourished. Harvey started a warehouse and, I believe, developed a wholesale business selling camera equipment to other dealers. If I remember correctly the warehouse was located on the other side of Hennepin (?) Avenue near the site of the old Greyhound Bus depot. At any rate, Harvey got tired of these 2 partners making all that good money from his hard work!! He found another source of financing and bought out the shares of my father and Carroll Geddes. The parting was amicable. I am assuming that the Goldstein in the picture was Harvey’s son. If there are any questions re any of the above I will be happy to try and answer them. My email address is shown above, and I am W. C. “Bill” Kildow, Fred Kildow’s son.

  7. Matt

    When I was a kid, I remember going to get Carl Eller’s autograph at Goldfine’s (now Goodwill Building). The timeframe would have been correct; however, I have no idea of a date.

  8. Jon

    I’d say Duluth Camera Exchange, circa 1977. And Carl is on the business side of the counter, where the customers usually didn’t go.

  9. Jean Vincent

    I would guess the store is the Duluth Camera Exchange which was on Superior Street between 4th and 3rd Ave. West if memory serves me correctly. It later moved to the mall area.

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