Do You Know Anything About This Car?

A reader passed along this clipping from Reminisce magazine, about a one-of-a-kind (or close to it) car supposedly built in Duluth in the 1950s:

The same car also was featured in Hemmings Motor News last year.

A quick initial search of the DNT files turns up nothing on Pingel or the Sterling Stein. Does anyone out there have any information to offer? If so, post a comment.

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  1. gene hill

    this looks a lot like a “NUKY”. a car built in the Northland with a ford flathead motor. I saw one for sale on Decker road in the very early sixties and saw a nother one at a gas station in scanlon that same year..when i inquired I was told it was one of a handful of such cars built locally. I was too young and had no money but could have bought it for $150.oo

  2. d brian gordon (grew up in two harbors 40s -50s)

    car was based on a 1950 or so MGA–quite obvious from the door, rear fender and windscreen. google MGA

  3. mel maust

    this looks like a car that sig munson had in his garage for years. i had him paint a 55 thunderbird that i had and i remember it there at that time.

  4. Mike

    The Stein mentioned in this story might be Carl Stein who was president of Mutual Loan in Duluth during the early 1950’s. He died in January of 1961.

    Also during this time, there was a Sterling Motor Company in Duluth that was a Ford dealership. Perhaps this is where the Sterling Stein name comes from.

  5. Virgil Swing

    This is an unlikely answer to the Duluthian who backed construction of the car — but the most likely I can think of. Paul Vesterstein (not Stein) was living in Duluth in the 1950s and he was the kind of guy who might have been involved in something like this. Paul is still alive and, I think, still living in Duluth. His family is involved in ownership of the Fitgers complex. As I said, this is at most an unlikely answer to the question.
    You might e-mail or call Jim Heffernan, former DNT staffer, who was living in Duluth in the 1950s and more involved in cars than I was.

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