More Arrowhead Bridge Photos

A few years back, early on in the history of the News Tribune Attic, I did a post on the Arrowhead Bridge – the old wooden span that linked Superior with West Duluth until it was replaced by the present-day Bong Bridge. You can read that post here.

While going through those files again, I found a few more Arrowhead Bridge photos that were not included the first time around. Here are a few:

The Arrowhead Bridge, looking from Superior toward Duluth, on October 22, 1978. (Karl Jaros / News-Tribune)


The Arrowhead Bridge was closed on October 3, 1973, after the lake carrier Peter Robertson struck a pier on the Wisconsin side the day before. The accident disabled the drawbridge lift mechanism. Inspecting the span were, from left, Vern Kekkonen and Edward Fleeze of the Minnesota Highway Department, and Mel Sarvela of the Wisconsin Highway Department. (George Starkey / Duluth Herald)


The Arrowhead Bridge, looking from Superior toward Duluth, on August 19, 1980. (Karl Jaros / Duluth Herald)


Here are a couple more shots of the construction of the Arrowhead Bridge’s replacement – what is now the Bong Bridge:

Wisconsin Gov. Lee Dreyfus (front left) and Minnesota Gov. Al Quie (front right) share a joke during groundbreaking ceremonies for the new Arrowhead Bridge – now the Bong Bridge – on September 27, 1979. (News-Tribune file photo)


The new Arrowhead Bridge – now the Bong Bridge – takes shape across the bay on May 11, 1982. At this point, the center span stood on its own, unconnected to either shore. (Charles Curtis / Duluth Herald)


You are welcome to post comments with your Arrowhead Bridge memories – but I won’t be able to get around to moderating them until later this month. They’ll be saved, though, so go ahead and post comments if you’d like, and I’ll get to them when I can.

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