Heatwave Berler

KDAL-TV weatherman Richard “Heatwave” Berler wearing one of his T-shirts, August 1976. (Joey McLeister / News-Tribune)

The Scrapbook section of Sunday’s News Tribune includes a “best of the Attic” feature on TV weatherman Heatwave Berler, who developed quite a fan base in Duluth in the 1970s.

That post originally appeared on this site on May 22, 2008; to read the full entry, click here.

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  1. Barbara Humphrey

    I don’t necessarily remember “Heatwave” but I sure remember the “heatwave” of the summer of 1976 in Duluth. We came to Duluth for the all class reunion and sweltered in the near 100 degree temperatures. Assuring my family that it wouldn’t happen again, because “I’m from Duluth and it just doesn’t get that hot in Duluth.” Well it did, a month later we came to Duluth for my oldest son’s UMD orientation. Same story. Sweltering. My poor kids in long pants and sweat shirts. We eventually “fled” to the Norshor theatre where it was “air cooled.” Reminded lots of folks of the summer of 1936. Hmmmm? Wonder if we’ve got another one coming in 2016?

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