Looking Back On Dennis Anderson’s Career

WDIO-TV news anchor Dennis Anderson, May 2011. (Clint Austin / News Tribune)

Longtime WDIO-TV news anchor Dennis Anderson retires today after a long and distinguished journalism career in the Northland.

Several times in the past we’ve featured video clips of Denny through the years; here is a roundup of those past posts:

Complete 1973 WDIO newscast

Clip of 1985 WDIO newscast, and 1970s WDIO holiday promos

Anderson’s retirement was discussed on Perfect Duluth Day last year, with several people sharing their memories.

And Dennis Anderson himself looked back on his career and the world of journalism in a column in the News Tribune earlier this month; you can read it here.

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  1. Jim Saranpaa

    And he’s coming across the timeline, passes across the key, Chiarello moves to the hole, Barrett sees him, passes out to Martinson, then moves the ball out to Ash, back to Martinson, Martinson sends it back to Gorgo. Virginia scores. Minnesota’s #1 rated basketball team, covered by the best…Denny Anderson on venerable WHLB 1400AM at the Eveleth Hippodrome when basketball was king in northern Minnesota. Best to you Denny…I’ll never forget your broadcasts. You brought the game into our home, even when we couldn’t afford to be there live! Jimmy.

    These were the days when Virginia, Aurora-Hoyt Lakes and Tower-Soudan were ranked in the top 10 in the state when basketball was still a single class sport. The Twin Cities had nothing over us in those days!

  2. Irene Velo

    Dennis Anderson always leaves us with hope and personal responsibility to make a difference in our ever changing world. “Good Night Everybody and Be Kind” – what an empowering statement! Whatever the daily news has been, every individual can make a positive impact in the world by showing kindness to others. Will you take on the challenge of carrying out Denny’s daily reminder? Thank you Denny! Irene Velo, Nashwauk, MN

  3. I was just a rookie news producer when I met Denny Anderson. This is a man I grew up watching on TV. I am old enough to remember his days at WHLB radio in Virginia, MN. To actually get the opportunity to work with this man was hard for my brain to wrap around. However, I found him to be incredibly giving of his craft. Teaching all the young bucks in the newsroom things he had learned over the years. He would always take the time to explain why he felt the way he did about how news must be presented. (anyone who has worked at WDIO has a part of Denny in their own journalism…he did mold us) He is frank, in a kind way. Forgiving…like water off a duck’s back. (we’ve bumped heads a couple times) Forgiven and forgotten. Funny? VERY! I was shocked by some of the stories he would tell us in the newsroom. (nothing bad) He is an historian which local news will really miss. He remembers, in detail, stories he covered 30-40 years ago. Unlike the young bucks, he was able to bring that wealth of knowledge into our broadcasts. What you see on-air is truly the real Denny. He is giving. I have seen him prepare to do a news cut in the 5pm, anchor the 6pm, go perform last rites on a person between shows, come back in time to do a news update for 9:20 and anchor the 10pm. He is amazing! It is not just his contributions as an anchor/reporter, but as a Deacon, Funeral Director, and family man.

    He encourages you, silently, to raise the bar and live your life with integrity. My life is better for having known Denny Anderson. All the best to you, Denny! Enjoy your retirement…I hope you meet the Pope when you go to Italy! =)

    Kim Sampson

  4. Steve Long

    Congratulations Dennis! Best Wishes for a long and happy retirement, to many days with family, time at the lake, and enjoying life! You were a thrill to work with, a terriffic mentor, role model, and a heck of a fun(ny) guy to work with. You not only told us all to be kind but lived out your sign off as well. You have done well, and you have made a difference to many! God Bless– Steve Long {2 time WDIO Alum, Weekend Sports (1989), News (1997-2005)}

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