Also In Duluth On May 24, 1941…

Seventy years ago today, on Saturday, May 24, 1941, Bob Dylan was born in Duluth. What else was going on in town that day?

The Duluth News-Tribune reported that peonies in town were blooming earlier than last year:

The paper had an alarming report about U-boats off the Atlantic coast:

There was a review of Walt Disney’s new movie, Fantasia, playing at the Granada Theater; News Tribune reviewer Nathan Cohen said it was “a remarkable piece of movie making (that) you can’t afford to miss):

In the car ads, a 1937 De Soto was selling for $395 at Chief Motors on West First Street:

If you already had a car, there was an ad for a sale on gas at M&H, with a location at 1230 W. Michigan Street (where it remains to this day):

The Duluth Herald offered this odd item:

Back in the News Tribune, on the opinion page, you could ponder this editorial cartoon on the threat of war:

And on the same page, chuckle at this observation on home life:

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