Looking Back At Duluth Central High School

Sunday’s News Tribune features a story looking back at the history of Duluth Central High School, which will close this year after nearly 120 years of classes and memories at two locations.

The first Central opened in 1892 in the downtown building now known as Old Central High School, with its landmark clock tower. In 1971, Central students moved up the hill to the present location, with one of the best views in town.

Central High School has been featured a few times in the Attic; here are some of those posts:

Ceiling collapses at Central, 1963

Building new Central High, 1971

Driver’s ed at Central High, 1971

Longtime Central teacher and coach John Swain, 1969

Here is a gallery of more Central High School photos not previously featured in the Attic; click on the photos for a larger version….

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  1. Allen Pennington

    My dear mother was a student at Old Central High School about 1935. She loved high school but had to quit and get a job because she only had her mothers clothes to wear. She taught me many life lessons of course, but she taught me the meaning of Alma Mater (other mother) and I really enjoyed my high school experience in Duarte California . We all learn so much from and during our High School years, our “other mother”. RIP Old Central High School!

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  3. rich saby

    So sad to see the building not used for learning!
    I’m a member of the first complete class of the “school on the hill” Class of ’74.
    Winters won’t be the same having to navigate up the turn!

  4. Great photos….thank you. Hard to believe there won’t be a “Central” in Duluth anymore. 🙁
    On the undated classroom pic, my guess would be early to mid 60’s.

    1. My wife’s class of 1957 has held a reunion at least every five years and I’ve been to them all. Reunion Number 55 is in August and am looking forward to it, as always. I’m a self-appointed honorary member of that class and I am extremely sad at Central’s passing. I lost one of my good friends from that class this year. God Bless Roy Niemi and RIP, Roy.

      1. Sheila Alpert

        I was a student at Central with Roy.
        I didn’t know him well. but he always
        greeted me with warmth at school,
        and later when I saw him at our class
        He was a sweetheart.

        Sheila Alpert, class of ’57

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