Crime Scene Mystery Photo

The News Tribune archives have produced another mystery photo — and I’m hoping one of you can fill in some of the details.

This photo is undated and has no caption information, except for the words “Find bullet” scribbled on the back. I’m not even sure if this is from Duluth, but given its placement in the files, I’m inclined to believe it is.

Obviously, it shows investigators at a crime scene, probably in the 1950s. The man in the middle, as the words on the back of the photo indicate, is examining a bullet.

The only way I can imagine solving the mystery is if someone recognizes any of the men in the picture. If you do, send me an e-mail at, or post a comment.

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  1. Andrew

    The mystery has been solved. Very briefly, the photo is of St. Louis County sheriff’s investigators at the scene of a murder near Floodwood in late 1953. More details to come in an Attic post in the near future…

    1. Tom Kurtovich


      Not sure about this, but my dad worked for St Louis County Sheriff’s office (1947 to 1977)and I got to know a lot of the guys there.
      I think that the man on the left is the county coroner Dr. Cyril M. Smith and on the far right deputy Al Senarighi. This is my guess,
      maybe someone else can concur. Thanks for all of the interesting stuff in the attic.


      1. Andrew

        You are correct about Al Senarighi being the man on the right. The man on the left is Sheriff Sam Owens. More info on the photo to come in a few days…

  2. jc

    The detective with the flashlight could possibly be Dwight Saaf? He was a police officer who later became a detective. He was on the force during the 50’s and 60’s.

  3. Kathleen Dwan

    I believe this picture is from an earlier era, possibly even the 1930s. Over the radio is a photograph of men in WWI uniforms, and the thick Jacobean table legs indicate a furniture style popular in the first two decades of the twentieth century. The style of the roomy overcoats and the fedoras worn by these men are identical to clothing worn by men in family photos I have from the 1930s through the 1940s. Good luck.

  4. Kyle

    You may want to have some sort of image enhancing program take a look at that photo on the wall that is most likely military. Perhaps zooming in on it might unlock what is in that photograph and narrow down some search possibilities…the hat on the table in the front left corner (out of focus) looks a bit more like a disheveled “Doughboy” hat than the standard fedora of the late 1940’s and 1950’s. That would also fit the possible military picture on the wall.

  5. Brooke

    I’m running on a hunch but I’m thinking the detective in the upper rt of the pic is detective Dave Morris. Not sure what help that is but it’s all I got:-) He was a friend of my Mom & Dad and that’s how I remember him.

  6. Donna McClellan

    “probably 1950s” I was born in 1940 – While I don’t recognize the men in the photograph I do recognize the decorative attributes. i.e., the knicknack corner shelf and the military group photo hanging on the wall. I truly believe the photograph is mid to late 1940s.

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