Mystery Photo Of JFK In Duluth

A reader sent in this picture she found amid family photos, of President Kennedy from when he was in Duluth:

She said it is dated 1961, but if it is from a Kennedy visit to Duluth , it must be the trip he made here in fall 1960 while on the campaign trail (his other trip here was in September 1963).

The mystery is the identity of the other men in the photo – do you have any idea who they are?

If so, please post a comment or send an e-mail to akrueger(at), and I’ll pass the information along.

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  1. Thomas Mccann

    I am wondering if this not from the campaign stop he did in the area. My step dad came home from work beaming one day claiming that he had shaken Jack Kennedy’s hand. Apparently he was outside the gate of Fraiser Nelson shipyard shaking the worker’s hands when they got off work.

  2. If the photo is labeled 1961, it probably was taken in 1960. Remember those were the days of film in cameras, and if you hadn’t taken a whole roll of photos, the film might not be developed for a long time. Just a thought. Marion W

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