Superior Gas Ball Comes Down, 1985

February 28, 1985

Bit by bit, this old ball-like tank that once held manufactured gas is coming down. The tank, just off Highway 53 near Catlin Avenue in Superior, is no longer used by the Superior Water, Light & Power Co. It was erected more than 30 years ago. The bottom already has been removed. (Jack Rendulich / News-Tribune & Herald)

The “gas ball” came up in an Attic post a couple years ago. In that photo, it was seen in the distance. Only recently did I find a couple photos showing the gas ball in great detail, as it met its end just about 25 years ago.

Here is one more:

A workman uses a cutting torch to dismantle the gas ball in Superior on Feb. 28, 1985. (Jack Rendulich / News-Tribune & Herald)

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  1. Carol Madden

    As in another post, this area was the “Gas Plant” area of Superior which included a neighborhood of various ethnic families. My father, John Gabrys, was born in a house across from where the ball was in 1913. As he grew up the boys he ran with were called “The Gas Plant Gang”. I think they were pranksters but didn’t harm people, places, & things.

  2. Arvo Maki

    I find it very interesting that the ball was only 30 years old when it was torn down in 1985. If that were the case, I’d have been about 10 years old when it was built. I had many family members in that area, and as long back as I can remember, the area always smelled like gas — and the ball was always there in my early lifetime.

    The only major project I remember in that area, in the early to mid-50s, was the building of the “sewage plant.” The stockade was built about that time at 2nd st. and 18th ave. east. There was no road to Barker’s Island. Highway 2/53 and the high bridge did not exist in that area. We still had the old toll bridge.

    My grandparent’s generation always referred to that area of Winter Street, Cedar Ave., and Elm Ave. as the “gas plant area.”

    So, does anybody know why it was called the “gas plant area”? And, does anybody really know when the ball was built?

  3. Jonell

    Wow thank you for this memory. I remember this as a kid. As a little kid (younger than age 7) anytime my family went by this I would hold out my arms trying to catch the ball. In later years before it was taken down I knew we were near where we had to be when I saw this.

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