J. Geils Band and Z.Z. Top, 1976

J. Geils Band and Z.Z. Top, 1976

The J. Geils Band performs at the Duluth Arena, along with Z.Z. Top, on July 21, 1976. (News-Tribune file photo)

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  1. That’s exactly what happened. J Geils was phenomenal. We all were on the floor with girls on our shoulders. It was a very tough act to follow. When ZZ Top came out we all went up and found seats.

  2. I remember this concert. J Geils was a replacement brought in at the last minute. I don’t recall who was supposed to play originally. J Geils rocked the house. When ZZ Top Came out they where pail by comparison. My friends and I left early to go play foosball and drink beer. Ahh… to be 20 again.

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