Duluth Arena photos, Part 2

Here is the second of three galleries of Duluth Arena photos from the News Tribune archives. This batch goes from late 1966 through 1975. Click on each image for a larger version and to read the caption information:

The final gallery of photos will be posted Thursday, along with an extended version of a Duluth Arena timeline that appears in the DNT’s special section about the new Amsoil Arena. That 16-page special section will be included with Thursday’s paper.

One thought on “Duluth Arena photos, Part 2

  1. We raced snowmobiles on the hockey rink in the arena.
    The races were Thanksgiving weekend in 1968,69,70. I don`t know if any more were run in suceeding years. There were factory teams racing…it was quite an event. There may be pictures at the trib cause I remember the event getting front page coverage.

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