Arena-Auditorium Opening Program, 1966

It’s grand opening week for Duluth’s Amsoil Arena.

While the News Tribune is going to have lots of coverage of the new arena (look for an awesome 16-page special section included with Thursday’s paper), the News Tribune Attic is going to spend this week looking back at the history of the DECC Arena, opened as the part of the Duluth Arena-Auditorium complex in the summer of 1966.

Our first item is courtesy of News Tribune artist Ted Heinonen, who just in the past couple weeks unearthed a mint-condition program from the 1966 grand opening celebration of the Arena-Auditorium. Apparently it had been hiding in a file cabinet at the DNT for the past 44 years; the colors are pristine.

The program includes the full schedule of events for the long grand opening celebration, including all the celebrities who came to town. I’ve scanned in the program in its entirety; all 18 pages are included in the gallery below. Click on each page to see the full image:

Much more about the DECC Arena to come this week. Share your DECC Arena memories by posting a comment.

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  2. skyler fugelso

    Its great to see stuff like this pop up. My grandfather Norm Fugelso was the lead designer on the arena/auditorum project. Its sad to see his work phased out by the new areana.

  3. That’s awesome. Thanks so much for posting this. I never knew there was a whole 11-day event schedule and all those big, national performers and speakers. I knew about Hubert H. Humphrey and Buddy Hackett because of a previous Attic post about that event, but I guess there was a lot more going on than that. Looking forward to the other posts this week and that Thursday section!

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