Vintage Video Of WDIO’s Dennis Anderson

It was reported Wednesday that longtime WDIO-TV anchorman Dennis Anderson plans to retire in the next few months.

I remember watching Dennis Anderson on the news as a kid, visiting relatives in the Hayward area in the 1980s. He was an institution even back then – and, of course, he was still anchoring the news when I moved to Duluth a few years back.

Over the past few years I’ve posted a few links to YouTube videos of vintage Duluth newscasts that include Dennis Anderson. Here is one:

Complete 1973 WDIO newscast

And I thought I had posted a link to these clips in a previous post, but now I can’t find them. So, here they are again (in the second clip, Dennis Anderson appears briefly in the first commercial:

There was one more, of WDIO and KDLH newscasts following the 1988 fireworks explosion in Duluth, but apparently that video has been removed from YouTube.

As always, thanks to those who took the time to post those videos. And best wishes to Dennis Anderson, a Northland institution for decades, in his upcoming retirement.

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  1. O.Clemenson

    Denny, Congratulations on your retirementmBeen a long time since I flew with you in Eveleth as your instructor.I can remember the day you came out and told us that you had been hired in Duluth.As all pilots say “keep the oily side down” and may all your landings be smoth Again congratulations.
    CFI 1392212

  2. I worked at WDIO all through my UMD years. I have lots of stories about Denny and his hair pieces , etc. We all loved him and he was the straight man in the Hippie Era.

    I’ll tell you that he has integrity and is a spiritual man, I’m proud to know such a great person.

    Go have a good life Denny.

  3. Kevin

    As a kid, I remember the Friday 10 o’clock newscasts when Bridgeman’s sponsored Jack McKenna’s weather report. Rather than break to commercial, Jack made sundaes right on the set. One time, he steps behind Denny, flips Denny’s carpet of hair back and creates a hot fudge sundae on his bald pate. The entire crew cracked up, and I’m sure all the viewers did , as well. I know I was rolling on the floor.

  4. Gary B

    I am the one that posted the fireworks explosion on You Tube. Yes, YT took it down because of a couple of other videos I had up (music related). So instead of contacting me to take the questionable videos down, they shut down my whole account and ALL videos I had posted.

  5. Laurie Franks

    I can remember way back when he was asking the audience’s opinion on varying hairpieces. At least I think that’s what he was doing- it was a long time ago! What a great sense of humor. He’ll be missed!

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