Halloween Blizzard Of 1991

Traffic is sparse and pedestrians few on Superior Street in downtown Duluth as heavy snow falls on the morning of November 1, 1991. (Charles Curtis / News-Tribune)

Today is the 19th anniversary of the biggest punch of the legendary “Halloween Blizzard” that dumped more than 3 feet of snow on Duluth.

The snow started on the afternoon of Oct. 31 – hence the “Halloween” moniker – but the brunt of the storm hit the region on Nov. 1. The National Weather Service in Duluth has a detailed summary of the storm here.

When the storm subsided on Nov. 2, 36.9 inches of snow had fallen at Duluth, with 36 inches reported at Two Harbors and 30 inches at Eveleth.

The News Tribune’s photo files are a bit sparse for the big storm; in some cases I had to shoot photos of microfilm, so the quality isn’t the best. Here are a couple more photos:

A group of current and former UMD students didn’t let the heavy snow deter them from enjoying an afternoon in a hot tub at a home on Second Street on Nov. 1, 1991. Clockwise from far right are Kris Simon, Mike Erickson, Brenda Berglund, Cal Matten, Dennis Karp, Jay Lyle, Becky Sunnarberg, Aaron Stoskopf and Eric Rajala.  (Dave Ballard / News-Tribune)


At 11 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 4, 1991, Duluth residents continued to dig out from the storm on East Seventh Street. (Bob King / News-Tribune)

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  3. Brenda Parent

    I was working at Nettleton at the time in the lunch room.We kept looking out the window and we said that we would not be back to work until the next week.Little did I know that we would get that much snow.The snow banks were over 5 ft. tall in our yard.It took us forever to dig out. We would look out the house windows and laugh at all cars that would try to go down 2 nd ave east for 7th st.We may have beed snowed in,but we have a good time.

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  5. Sandy Schmid (Collins)

    I had just moved back from AZ with my 1 year old (Oct 15) and it was her first Halloween. I started out with her bundled up in her stroller and within 15 minutes had to carry both her and the stroller. The next day my car was covered all but a small portion of the driver’s side passenger window. It took a lot of neighborly assistance to get a bunch of us dugg out. Then, when I finally saw one side of my car, the plow came and buried it again! Welcome home! Hee Hee! I still have pictures of my car buried and share the story. Gotta love Minnesosta~

  6. 1991 was the first year my daughter was really old enough to ‘get’ Halloween and was so looking forward to trick or treating. Needless to say, it got cut short but…she’s got a great story to tell about it so, maybe it was good. 😉

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