Last Set Of Spalding Hotel Photos

Here is the last set of News Tribune archives photos of the Spalding Hotel in downtown Duluth, which was razed in late 1963. If you missed the previous three posts, go here, here and here.

The view of the corner of Superior Street and Fifth Avenue West, from in front of the Spalding Hotel, March 1963. (News-Tribune file photo)


Mrs. Doris Peterson, a 22-year employee of the Spalding Hotel, and Mrs. Dorothy Peterson, a seven-year employee, man the counter as customer Gordon Brindos of Duluth makes a call at the hotel on June 27, 1963. Signs to the left advertise parking at the 4th Ave. Auto Park and the Medical Arts Garage. (News-Tribune file photo)


Customers sit in the lobby of the Spalding Hotel near the newsstand on June 27, 1963. (News-Tribune file photo)


Looking into the Spalding Hotel lobby through the revolving doors on June 27, 1963. (News-Tribune file photo)


Lester Chies walks along the “floor” of the Spalding Hotel ballroom on Oct. 7, 1963. The entire floor is gone, allowing a glimpse into rooms on the third floor as demolition work continues. Chies is walking on the area that once was the head table position. (News-Tribune file photo)


Workers continue the demolition of the Spalding Hotel in downtown Duluth on Nov. 17, 1963. (News-Tribune file photo)


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  1. I distinctly remember seeing a portion of a documentary on National Geographics, relating to artifacts recovered from the Titanic. It seems a family (with several children) in one of the suites/staterooms had shipped from (or through) Duluth on their way to Europe. Their entire steamer trunk of clothes and property, along with many travel brochures of the area, included lots of material on our area. Among the travel materials were ads describing the ‘glamor’ of the Spaulding Hote, Duluth, MN. I wish I had better recall of this. . .

  2. Steve Brown

    I remember watching them tear it down. We went shopping in downtown Duluth (when it was a shopping destination) from Cloquet and there was a wrecking ball smashing the sides. My parents said they had spent their honeymoon there back in ’47. Too bad they could not have preserved old buildings like this. Had they waited another 15 years it might have been turned into an office building or condos.

  3. I stayed at the Spaulding Hotel.In 1942 We moved from Lengby,Minn.There were 7 people in my family,mom.,dad 3 brothers 1 sister.The first night we got to Duluth we stayed at the hotel.It was the first time e had been to a hotel.I lived in Duluth until 1967 at which time we moved to Las Vegas,Nevada,have been here ever since.I was in the trucking business in Duluth for many years.I really enjoyed all the pictures of the hotel. I used to deliver coal there. Thank you very much for letting me rant. roger

    1. Didn’t seem like a rant to me … I’d enjoy hearing more of your memories of Duluth. I left in 1966, so that is a particularly nostalgic time for me. (Came back 10 years later.) I think this is such a great site. The photos are fascinating, but so are the comments.

  4. I love looking at old photos demolition photos, like the last one in this post. It seems so funny that they used to just rip into the side of a building like that and let everything dump onto the street (I think there’s a picture in one of the earlier sets with a ton of rubble laying on Michigan Street). It’s probably a good thing that they’ve figured out ways to implode buildings and make them cave inward when they demolish them now.

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