Yes, Still More Spalding Hotel Photos

Here’s the third batch of what will be four posts with photos from Duluth’s long-lost Spalding Hotel. Enjoy…

Morris Mark and Miss Jessie Rawlings at the front desk of Duluth’s Spalding Hotel on June 27, 1963. (News-Tribune file photo)


Mandy B. Tondel, a guest at the Spalding Hotel for more than 20 years, checks in his key to head room clerk Doris Peterson in June 1963. The hotel was demolished several months later. (News-Tribune file photo)


Hotel guest Harmon Brown in an alcove off the main lobby of the Spalding Hotel in downtown Duluth on June 27, 1963. (News-Tribune file photo)


The dining room at the Spalding Hotel on June 27, 1963. (News-Tribune file photo)


Harold A. “Red” Hansen, a 10-year employee of the Spalding Hotel, tends the bar in the cocktail lounge on June 27, 1963. (News-Tribune file photo)


A parlor inside the Spalding Hotel in downtown Duluth in June 1963. (News-Tribune file photo)


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  1. Jeff Brechlin

    Great photos! WW Spalding was my great-grandfather’s uncle, and I have a lot of old photos of him and his house, which was magnificent. I also have a copy of his journal–fascinating guy, amazing life.

    I learned recently that when the hotel was razed, that most of it went into the lake. My cabin neighbor has a fireplace mantle which is purported to be sandstone from the hotel.

    I’ve collected ashtrays and other small items on eBay, but would love to find a more substantial piece of the old hotel someday! I wonder where all the signage went?

    1. Cathy Frances

      I remember growing up in Superior and my mother reading in the paper that the Spalding Hotel was going to be torn down. I remember going with her to the sale at the Hotel. Mom bought up several pieces of dinner ware and I am right now looking at the set of Spalding Hotel salt dishes that she bought. Ah, memories!

    1. Andrew

      I spent a lot of time looking at that wire. It runs up to the desk lamp on the glass counter. What it’s tied around down near the floor, I couldn’t figure out.

  2. dbriangordon

    I am sure I was in The Glass Block in 1963. My folks probably parked the ‘ol reliable 55 Rambler in the lot down below. Thanks for the pix.

    Brian Gordon (Two Harbors and Concordia College, Moorhead in 63)
    Fenwick Island, DE

  3. Thanks for posting more. I’m sorry I never was in the Spalding… I feel like I missed a Duluth landmark. Loved the photo of the old phone booth. Walgreen’s (when it was across the street from Glass Block, I think) had a row of those, but they were even more private, having less glass on the fronts of them. Anyway, great photos.

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