Northland Faces

A few days ago a conversation started up over at Perfect Duluth Day about a photo by the News Tribune’s Bob King that appeared on Friday’s front page, of residents of the Denfeld neighborhood concerned over parking permit issues:

As noted on PDD, the photo fits into a general category of images that appears in the News Tribune, and pretty much any daily paper, now and again – the concerned citizen(s) portrait. The next image that popped into my mind from the category was one mentioned in the PDD discussion, a photo by Derek Montgomery of Joan Tabelle, who was having trouble with contractors who worked on her home:

So the call went out on PDD from people who wanted to see more of these types of photos. And I agree, they are great images. As noted by Paul Lundgren on Perfect Duluth Day, the attraction of the images is not from making light of the subjects or their concerns. I guess it’s just an apparent inherent interest in viewing these windows into people’s homes, concerns, celebrations, lives. They’re a reflection of the town we live in; an archive of people and issues of the past.

So in response to the demand, I’ll start featuring more portraits in the Attic. I’ll call them “Northland Faces,” though I’m open to better name suggestions if you have any. And I’m going to expand beyond “concerned citizen” photos to include any portrait that appeared in the paper – of people who are celebrating along with people who have gripes; there are a lot of good “happy” shots, too. The only criteria is it has to be a posed shot.

Because of time constraints, most, if not all of the time I’ll just run these photos with their cutlines, and not seek out the accompanying stories and updates. If there’s any photo you want to know more about, post a comment and I’ll see what I can do. Similarly, please post a comment if you have stories to share about the people in the pictures. And if you think of a memorable photo that I haven’t posted yet, let me know.

And last, as you look at these photos, please keep in mind where they come from – your local newspaper. It’s the News Tribune that gave these people a voice for their concerns and/or accomplishments, the News Tribune that provided the staff to take and publish these images, and the News Tribune that  preserved these photos. The News Tribune continues to do all those things today – so please show some support. And if you already subscribe, or even if you just buy a paper every now and then, thank you.

So with that said, from the News Tribune archives, here is the first batch of Northland Faces:

September 7, 2007 — Wayne Boniface flexes his arm while displaying a large bruise he got while fighting an intruder Friday afternoon at his home in Duluth. (Derek Montgomery / News Tribune)


December 8, 2005 — Garry Nordstrom, of Duluth, stands in front of an apartment building he invested in that can be seen from Piedmont Avenue. The building is vacant, and now Nordstrom is making a political statement against Mayor Herb Bergson and MnDOT.  Nordstrom is upset that during the Piedmont reconstruction project, his street was removed, and now he only has alley access.  He claims Mayor Herb Bergson told Nordstrom he was okay with MnDOT removing his street. (Amanda Odeski / News Tribune)


This is a mystery photo – the only caption information is her name, Mrs. Myra Cash, and the year 1955. If you know more information, post a comment.


November 21, 1998 — Kathy Meyer, owner  of American Marine in Superior’s Allouez neighborhood, is upset that the city put a sidewalk through her business’ blacktop driveway, causing uneven  sections and an expense to her and her neighbors. (Josh Meltzer / News-Tribune)


October 10, 2000 — UWS hockey coach Dan Stauber is  excited about having tickets for the inaugural season of the Minnesota Wild  hockey team, but says the real joy is being able to take his kids, Nora, 8,  Natalie, 5, and Owen, 7, to a bit of sports history. “It’s more exciting for  them than for me. They’ll have something to look back on,” he said. (Derek Neas / News Tribune)


June 20, 1995 — Rose Matthews, 73, from International Falls, is concerned about how Medicare cuts will affect the elderly. (Dawn Villella / News-Tribune)


November 3, 1998 — The Becker brothers – Kyle, 7,  (left) and Jonathan, 8 – are happy that the college students who stole some of the Halloween decorations from their Aspenwood home decided to return the items. About 20 students from the College of St. Scholastica stole decorations from  six homes in the area, but returned them on Monday. (Josh Meltzer / News-Tribune)