Early Vision For The DECC, 1962

May 23, 1962

The previous post featured photos from the opening of the Arena-Auditorium (later the DECC) in 1966.

Also found in those files was this photo, which ran in the News-Tribune on May 23, 1962, showing an early vision for the arena-auditorium complex:

Examining a model of Duluth’s proposed arena-auditorium building complex and site are George Barnum Jr., left, finance chairman of the Citizens Advisory Arena-Auditorium Committee, and William S. Johnson, site chairman. Johnson built the model, which will be on displaay at a committee meeting tonight. (Earl Johnson / News-Tribune)

So this model was home-built, and not a professionally designed concept. I’m assuming Mr. Johnson constructed it to spur further discussion about the project. Here’s a close-up look:

The proposed arena is the large building with the spiky features sticking out the top. To the left are buildings labeled "auditorium" and "little theater."


The photo is taken in an office located in a building, if I had to take a guess, somewhere around the corner of Superior Street and Fifth Avenue West. But I’m not sure. There are a few clues visible in the background, including this hotel sign (it kind of looks like the one on the Holland Hotel in this post:


Also visible, a sign for the "Dutch Coffee Room" (there may be another word, not visible, before Dutch):

I tried to find "Dutch Coffee Room in a 1961 city directory, with no luck.

Can any of you figure out where this photo was taken? Post a comment if you know.

– Andrew Krueger

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  1. Mike Flaherty

    The photo was taken from an office in the Lyceum Building at 431-433 W. Superior Street.

    The Hotel sign was from the Fifth Avenue Hotel at 502-506 W. Superior Street.

    The building with the coffee shop is the Holland Hotel at 501-503 W. Superior Street. The building was vacted in the early 60’s, so the coffee shop must have been very short lived.

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