Robbery Foiled At Godfather’s Pizza, 2001

March 17, 2001

Godfather’s Pizza employees (left to right) Michelle McDonell, Zeb Hodel, David Tyson, Joe McDonell and Pete Boyechko foiled a robbery attempt Saturday night. (Rick Scibelli / News-Tribune)


By Bob Linneman, News-Tribune

After fighting off an attempted robbery last weekend, workers at the Duluth Godfather’s Pizza on London Road have discovered a newfound closeness.

Call it bonding by fear.

"We’re like a family now, and we take care of each other," said David Tyson, 24, who stood bravely between the pizza parlor’s cash register and a man believed to be armed last Saturday night.

According to a criminal complaint filed in St. Louis County District Court this week, five people — three men and two women — entered Godfather’s and ordered food at about 5 p.m.

Store manager Pete Boyechko said the group appeared intoxicated. He told them no food would be prepared unless they produced money to pay for it. When no one offered any cash, the group left the building, at 1623 London Road. Minutes later, however, they returned and attempted to write a check, but didn’t produce proper identification.

The group left the restaurant again, but only for a short time. Soon, one man, identified as Maurice Antonio Garcia, 30, of Crystal, Minn., returned and began arguing with Tyson, the restaurant supervisor.

"The guy was pounding on the register and punched the soda fountain. David stepped in front of him," said Michelle McDonell, 18, who works at the restaurant with her brother, Joe. "The guy was right in his face. When the guy got the register open, David pushed him back and closed it. The guy was swinging his arms the whole time."
Meanwhile, Boyechko called 911 from a back office.

"I heard these smacks and I thought someone was getting hit," he said.

The noise was actually the cash register being struck.

According to restaurant workers and the criminal complaint, Garcia went behind the counter and after the cash register. He was yelling and swearing at Tyson.

Garcia also allegedly put his hand in his trousers, leading restaurant workers to believe he was armed with either a gun or knife. It turned out he had no weapon.

Tension was high. There was no one else in the restaurant at the time.

"I thought one of us wasn’t going to go home that night," Boyechko said.

But Tyson, who has lived in Duluth for only a few months, stood his ground and pushed Garcia away, preventing a potential robbery.

During the altercation, another man in the group re-entered the store and tried to drag Garcia away. The two finally left, but were soon picked up by police, along with the three others in the group.

Police responded in force to the restaurant with at least nine squads.

"They were fortunate the police were in the immediate area and were able to respond quickly," said Sgt. Eric Rish of the Duluth Police Department.

The police presence was a huge relief to the five Godfather’s workers on duty that night.

"When I saw the police lights, my stress level went way down," a relieved Boyechko said.

Supervisor David Tyson, one of five employees at Godfather’s Pizza on London Road who collectively foiled a robbery attempt, got public kudos for his actions. (Rick Scibelli / News-Tribune)


Talking about the incident Thursday, restaurant workers say they are proud of the way they handled the situation — and proud of Tyson, in particular.

For his courage, Tyson was named the restaurant’s employee of the month; his name appears on a sign outside inviting customers inside to meet the man of the hour.

Rish, however, said the group was lucky. He doesn’t recommend that type of response to a potential robbery.

"Businesses should all have a plan in place in case of incidents like this," he said, adding that, in most cases, it’s best to let the robbers take the money and let police handle it from there.

"Don’t be a hero,"’ Rish said.

The workers were scared and acted on impulse, Boyechko said. They had never been in a situation like this before. In fact, Boyechko said, "it’s the last thing I would think would happen here."

But Tyson had been through a similar situation. He was a victim of a home-invasion robbery in Minneapolis last year and knows how to handle himself.

"I wasn’t scared," Tyson said. "I didn’t think he had a gun, either. I’ve been robbed before and I know how people act."

Garcia was the only one charged in the incident and is in St. Louis County Jail. He’s been charged with attempted aggravated robbery and criminal damage to property. He could face a 12-year prison sentence if convicted on both charges.

His bail has been set at $4,000.

Although they were frightened, the five Godfather’s workers on duty that night — Boyechko, Tyson, Michelle McDonell, Joe McDonell and Zeb Hodel — say the experience has brought them closer.

"We’re a lot closer; we’re trying to spend more time together outside of work," Boyechko said.

Tyson said he relied solely on instinct in his response to the threat of robbery.

"I knew my co-workers had not been in that kind of situation before," he said. "I did what I felt I needed to do."

It was a scary moment for the employees, all of them in their teens or early 20s.

"It was very hectic," Michelle McDonell said. "My little brother (Joe, 15) was up front and I wanted to make sure he was OK. Everybody ended up being OK."

The attempted robbery has been the talk of the restaurant all week. "I’m just glad everything turned out all right," Michelle McDonell said.


Godfather’s Pizza on London Road closed just a few months later, in August 2001. The building is now occupied by China Cafe.

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– Andrew Krueger

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  1. Jose McDonell

    I really wish they would’ve been shot and taught a lesson not to try to fuck with robbers. Dumbshit kids.

  2. Joe McDonell

    I was there on for the attempted robbery, literally right next to David. I actually helped drag him out of the building, yea it was a little tense, but if you just let people walk in to your place and take whatever they want then you’re a victim. You need to do whatever you have to do to promote courage in our fellow man so criminals out there know that we won’t be walked over.

    P.S.: I really miss working there 🙁

  3. Lars

    I met my wife while working at Godfathers in 1999. I don’t recognize any of the crew that was working there only two years later…

  4. PJ, Duluth

    These kids were lucky (and smart) but I agree with the police spokesperson: Give them the money and let the police handle it. I’d rather have my kid come home safely at night than be shot in the chest over $100. It happens all the time. You can’t predict what a crazy or drug-loaded thug might do. Just my opinion.

  5. Peter

    If more people would actually stand up to criminals then perhaps we wouldn’t see as many people being victimized in this town. But of course the PD has to trot out a spokesman to spew out that BS.

  6. Ed

    I wonder what happened to Mr. Tyson? With work ethic and courage like that, he must be succeeding in life somewhere!

  7. Sid

    The whole spending more time together theory must have worked as I believe the manager Pete and gal Michelle ended up married with a couple of children!

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