Complete 1973 WDIO newscast

Someone recently posted to YouTube a complete WDIO newscast from 1973. It’s broken up into five separate videos. Enjoy:


9 thoughts on “Complete 1973 WDIO newscast

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  2. Wow what a blast from the past. I was the director of that newscast back in 73. What fond memories of DA of Duluth. That was when TV was fun. Good luck to Denny on his retirement.
    Thanks for the memories.

  3. I remember clearly the first day WDIO came on the air. The first thing I watched was F-Troop. Pretty exciting to have 3 stations instead of 2.

    I miss the little Viking.

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  5. One thing missing from the last part is Dennys sig signoff, goodnight everybody and be kind.

  6. That looks just as good now as when it first aired. what memories, the hair, the striped jacket, sounds like the inspiration for the anchorman movie.

  7. Thank you for the news broadcast of David Wheat coming home. As a classmate of his at Central, I followed news of him as best as I could do while living in Maine. By the way, he is still very good looking as of our Class’ 70th birthday party last summer!

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