Chester Bowl Ski Jump

On Dec. 31, 1969, Duluthian Terry Kern took the first jump off the new 55-meter ski slide at Chester Park when the ski area reopened. The facility also known as Chester Bowl included a 15- and 35-meter jumps, an intermediate hill and a 3-mile slalom course.

There are two ski jumps, Big Chester and Little Chester. Big Chester, erected in 1924, rises 115 feet from the ground. Little Chester was built later. Here are some ski jumping photos from Chester Bowl during the 1980s.

If you know anyone in the photos or have any memories of the Chester jumps, feel free to comment.




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  1. Peter Spooner

    We appreciate any and all comments about Chester Bowl photos!

    I’m on the Chester Bowl board right now (2011) and I’ve been working with Chester Bowl Improvement Club and webmaster Brian Barber to post as many historic images as possible, for comment.

    There are 200 + photos, 1900 on, mostly unidentified as to names.

    One problem dating the different jumps is that they were torn down and rebuilt several times. From what I can surmise the earliest jumps at the area known as Chester Bowl were 1905-ish.

    There were also early jumps in West Duluth, and at Fond du Lac.

    The Chester Bowl website also has a timeline of events.

  2. Brian McKenna

    I have to take issue with the statement that it’s been about 37 years when Little Chester was built. In the late 50’s we used to go to Chester Bowl and just ride the landings, on both little and Big Chester, lacking enough courage to actually take the jump. Perhaps I should say, had the good sense to ONLY ride the landings, which in itself was scarey enough with the speeds attained from only starting at the top of the landings. That in itself was quite a ride. There also was a smaller jump for beginners they called Rabbit Ears. Stayed off that one too. Anyway, I figure Little Chester is at least between 50 and 60 years old. Thanks.

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